Too busy to post

Things are changing at a rapid pace around here. My pilot system build is nearly complete, just waiting on shields for the elements to arrive from Florida, all the electrics are installed and ready to fire up.

I am dealing with massive amounts of red tape with not only the TTB but also Nestle Professional products who is taking their sweet time getting me required information to get label approval for one of our beers. The other label being held up because it uses Hemp seeds and despite mathematically showing that it is impossible to contain more than .000000000000265% THC in our beer from hemp they are none the less requiring laboratory analysis. Thankfully, Washington's 502 law has produced a multitude of testing labs here in the state and I will have results back soon, which will show that the TTB is still a time and money waster when logic is involved.

I am still on the hunt for a new location to move the brewery to, looking at stuff almost every day and keeping my eyes peeled, it is not an easy process.