We, or, I am Justice Brewing. Established as Justice Brewing, LLC in 2009 I set out to open a small scale craft brewery. Having spent a few years as a homebrewer and always wanting to work for myself I attended Craft Brewing classes at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR and read as many books as I could on brewing. I searched for a long time trying to find a suitable place to open up and could be licensed as a Microbrewery. I finally found the location in 2011 and started the move. Then finally in 2012 went through all the legal red tape of opening Everett’s first Belgian Style brewery.

Among other things we now brew AWARD WINNING BEER! That's right our recipes are now the recipients of not only numerous Blue & Red Ribbons at the 2012 Evergreen State Fair but our “White & Nerdy” Belgian Wit won Best of Show.

Our first commercial batch went into the fermenter on September 15th 2012.

We operated at 2414 Chestnut til July 2017 when we moved out TTB license to a new location. Unfortunately we were mislead and lied to numerous times and had to cancel plans and cease operations due to the building we signed a lease on being condemned.  Thanks to Crucible Brewing, Scrappy Punk, At Large, and Lazy Boy Brewing for letting us find some time on their equipment.

We are still looking for a place to reopen. It will take time. Currently Lazy Boy is brewing White & Nerdy under license and is available in cans and draft.